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InfraTech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited was formed in 2000 to carry out detailed engineering works, in order to address and translated the site related facilities into engineering solutions.

IPL proved to be a good blend of professional engineers and technical staff to extend the services commercially. The augmentation and professional persistence gave rise to the formation of multiple engineering cells. A part from serving our own construction wing it is successfully selling the services to local clients. The practical experience and input from our field engineers has added a new dimension and flare to it.

Our services give extra impression to your projects

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The Environmental Policy covers all aspects of Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited operations, from good housekeeping measures to ensuring that investments made are environmentally sound. The policy also commits us to promote such services that adhere to environmentally sound ways of operations.

Our goal is to minimize all adverse environmental impacts resulting from our activities, focusing primarily on efficient resource management, monitoring and measurement of activities associated with our site and office operations. We are committed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and believe that both the natural and the built environment are essential for business efficiency and success.
In particular InfraTech will :

  • Instruct individuals at all levels of InfraTech in the working of the system so they have knowledge and understanding of their own obligations towards meeting the environmental objectives of the Organization.

  • Introduce sustainable construction principles into design and construction.

  • Inform clients (and prospective clients) of the measures we take to ensure that Company activities and services have a minimal adverse effect on the environment.
  • Provide confidence that our activities and services are carried out in a controlled manner and with all due consideration and care for the environment.

  • Co-ordinate the management of activities concerned with actual and potential environmental impacts.

  • Maintain awareness of environmental issues and the views of relevant stakeholders.

InfraTech employees are expected to co-operate in the operation of this Policy by:
  • Working in a way that minimizes waste from our operations in all its forms and safeguards the environment from pollution.

  • Reporting incidents and near misses whether or not they result in pollution, legislative breach or environmental damage.

  • Assisting in the investigation of incidents with the objective of jointly developing measures to prevent recurrence.

The Management is ultimately responsible for implementation of this Policy and for the provision of resources and access to competent environmental advice.

  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement.
  • Delivering Quality, Consistent & Timely Services.
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations.


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